Print Industry Midwest CEO Under Investigation


David Radziej, President / CEO of Printing Industry Midwest


April 18, 2017

The President/CEO of the Printing Industry Midwest, David Radziej, is currently under investigation for discrimination amidst the threat of multiple lawsuits.

The Printing Industry Midwest recently hired independent consultant and attorney, Jeff Johnson to quietly investigate claims of gender discrimination and whistleblower retaliation against a female employee at PIM in 2016.  In late 2015 and throughout 2016, concerns of mishandling funds and gender discrimination by Radziej were brought to the PIM Board Chairman and Executive Committee by former and current PIM employees.  In 2004, the association paid out thousands in a settlement to Terry Bate, a female employee accusing Radziej of making discriminating remarks to her and other female employee.

Additional allegations against the Printing Industry Midwest executive, located at 1300 Godward Street NE in Minneapolis include potential non-profit fraud, resume fraud, mis-use of funds and altering financials shown to the Board of Directors by Radziej in addition to multiple counts of sexual/gender discrimination and whistleblower retaliation over the course of fourteen years.  Formal complaints have been filed with the State of Minnesota Attorney General’s Office and the IRS.

The documentation outlines how Radziej allegedly paid for lavish elk hunting and other trips on the dime of the trade association and forced the non-profit staff to accommodate his personal requests.   According to one source, Radziej, who made an unsuccessful bid for Mayor of Arden Hills, gave favors and exceptionally generous freelance work to gain political allies.  One such job was a $30,000 graphic design job awarded to the wife of former MN House District 42A Representative, Russ Bertsch. Despite representing over 300 Printing and Graphic Arts companies who employ graphic designers and have design departments, Radziej hired Anne Bertsch, also of Arden Hills on the side for about $150/hour with no formal contract or request for proposal and without informing the PIM Board of Directors as to the financial details of her contracted work.

The documents also detail the non-profit organization’s 990 reports, available online at, Radziej increased his six-figure salary by $31,855 in 2013 and $19,267 in 2014.  Radziej kept staff in the dark by refusing to disclose budgets for programs they were responsible for and not allowing them to attend the financial portion of Board Meetings.  Similarly, Radziej kept the Board in the dark by having the CFO “cook the books” to show profit and a reasonable balance sheet while hiding his personal travel under headings for programs led by staff.  Since the staff never saw the reports, the mis-use continued with the possible bribery of the CFO, a high-school educated office manager who was paid over $100,000 in 2014 and given a bonus of over $20,000. The CFO was given over a $20,000 raise from 2013-2014 and similar bonus while other staff members were told the association could not afford anything but to paid below market salaries for their positions and year end bonuses in the hundreds, if any at all.